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Anonymous asked:

Actor AU where Eren and Levi had to have lots if takes for when Levi had to kick Eren


Levi actually has a real hard time with this scene because Eren is such an endearing little shit and Levi actually really hates violence and he doesn’t want to hurt the precious kid. The director starts getting irritated with him because his kicks are fucking weak so they have to keep doing retakes. 

Levi buys Eren breakfast and lunch for like two weeks straight after the matter. 


Pacific Rim alternate casting: 

Temeura Morrison as Hercules Hanson

Jason Momoa as Chuck Hanson*

I mean, I have no complaints with Pacific Rim as it stands, GDT knocked it out of the park, the cast was (by Hollywood standards) way more diverse than most films, and it’s by far my favorite movie of the year thus far. Yet I woke up this morning with a vision of Striker Eureka doing the Haka, covered in paintings of Maori symbols, and now it won’t leave. 

*Yes, I know that Jason Momoa is Hawaiian, not Maori. 

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